The Quickest Breakfast Buffet At The Le Meridien Dubai Hotel Airport

Thanks to the Qantas Dubai Connect Service… Paul and I had the opportunity to stay at the 5 star luxury hotel, Le Meridian Airport Hotel Dubai. This was a free night stay!

You can read more about our experience at the Le Meridian Dubai Airport Hotel HERE.

As part of our stay at this hotel, complimentary breakfast was included. Yet, as we had to get up before sunrise, we didn’t think we could enjoy the breakfast buffet. Most hotels don’t serve breakfast until about 6:00am onwards.

Then, when we checked into the Le Meridian Dubai Airport Hotel… the staff member let us know that buffet breakfast was from 5:30am to 10:30am.

And, as she booked our Emirates chauffeur driver service for 6:00am… we could have the quickest buffet breakfast ever! We were keen to try it and that’s what we did.

So we got to Yalumba Restaurant right on 5:30am. And we thought we’d be the only ones there, but there was a few other people before us.

So they were probably in a similar situation to us. Otherwise who’d get up so early on holidays to have breakfast at this crazy early time!

As the staff member was guiding us to a table, we noticed that it was dark inside, and there were lots of lights on. Yet, the restaurant looked very chic and sophisticated inside… and we noticed that there were lots of different stations.

So after we got our seats and ordered a coffee to wake us up properly… we checked out what was on offer at the breakfast buffet.

The Breakfast Buffet Spread At Yalumba Restaurant

After walking into the entrance of Yalumba Restaurant… the first station had a range of juices, of which many were fresh. Plus, there were several other drinks there too…

Then, next to that was a station which had crepes, pancakes and other items. When I saw the sign mentioning “bakery” I was shocked at how small that section was!

Yet, when I explored further, the bakery section was out of this world! It was bloody huge and had many items that looked tasty.

In one section of the bakery… there were an assortment of donuts, danishes, fresh bread loaves, baguettes, bread rolls, muffins and heaps more. And what I sampled in this area was delicious. The bread was fresh and took me to flavortown!

Then on the other side of this table was a section where we could make our own salad. And the ingredients looked exceptionally fresh.

Plus, there were other items like granola bars, more muffins, olives and more…

Plus, behind this section there were a range of cold meats, dips, quiches, and more…

And if you love your cereals you’re spoilt for choice. Check out all these cereals and muesli. I don’t think I’ve ever seen such a massive range!

But wait, if you’re like us and love cheese, you’ll be in pure heaven…

If only we could’ve taken the massive blocks of cheese on board our flight… LOL!

But Wait, There’s More At The Le Meridien Dubai Airport Breakfast Buffet!

There was a range of fruits too… including an assortment of chopped up fruit, as well as whole fruit pieces, and yogurt…

Plus, there were several hot food stations. And in these sections there were truck loads of food including… samosas, congee, baked beans, fatoush, sausages, eggs made to order, and more…

Plus, we loved how Yalumba had breakfast pizzas too. Usually our breakfast pizzas would be because they’re leftovers. But this time they were freshly made and hot!

And to end the meal we could’ve had our pick from a range of ice-creams. Who said we couldn’t have ice-cream for breakfast!

There was so much food at the breakfast buffet, that we would’ve had to spend hours there!

So generally the flavor of the food was quite good. Yet, for some of the dishes it lacked seasoning, which was a little disappointing.

However, with so much to choose from I don’t think anyone could go hungry. Yet, we only had about 20 minutes! So we wish we had more time to stuff our bellies, yet perhaps we’ll get a chance another time.

Have you been to the breakfast buffet at the Le Meridien Dubai Airport Hotel? What did you think of it?

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