Our Surprising Experience At The Emirates Lounge Hong Kong Airport

Paul and I had Emirates Business Class flights from Hong Kong Airport. And as part of the benefits we had access to the Emirates Lounge at the airport.

The Emirates Lounge Hong Kong Airport is near Gate 40. So after checking into our flights, going through immigration and security… we had to take a train to get there.

The trains are efficient at Hong Kong airport, and we’ve only ever had to wait 1 minute for a train to arrive.

After getting on the train, we just had to get off at the first stop.

We then followed the signs to get to Gate 40, and within minutes we were at the Emirates Lounge…

Once we walked inside, the staff checked our passport and boarding pass… and then off we went to hopefully enjoy their Airport Lounge.

Inside The Emirates Lounge Hong Kong Airport

Before walking into the main lounge area, the toilets were to the right of the reception area. The toilets were clean… and there was a sign stating that we could request amenities like dental or shaving kits.

Then, when walking towards the end of the corridor, there was the Business Centre…

Then after that was the main lounge area…

While it wasn’t the biggest lounge, there was lots of natural light beaming through the windows. In this case, size didn’t matter!!!

There was a big screen TV but the sound was muted. Not a big deal for me as it just had CNN news on anyway.

There was a coffee and tea section, and a small fridge. And in this fridge were soft drinks and a variety of cans of beer.

The food looked appetizing. And the meals included… lamb cutlets, curries, roast potatoes, grilled vegetables, stir fried noodles with vegetables, and more.

Around the corner was more alcohol… including spirits, red wine, white wine and sparkling wine.

Then there was another section… which included an array of dishes such as dips, olives, crackers, cheese, and desserts.

All the food looked amazing, but before the food it was time for a drink!

Sampling The Food And Drinks At The Emirates Lounge Hong Kong

So to start off our food journey at the Emirates Lounge, Paul started off with Asahi beer and I had a Moet and Chandon sparkling wine…

And after a few more drinks we getting puckish, so it was time to sample the food…

The food was incredible! It was flavorsome and well seasoned. We couldn’t fault the food and it tasted fresh too. My favorite was the vegetarian curry, it was better than some of the Indian restaurants we’d been to.

The cheese was divine and the dips were tasty. I would’ve loved to try the desserts. But the portion sizes were quite large, and I didn’t want to fill my belly too much before our flight.

The food at the Emirates Lounge Hong Kong would have to be the best I’ve tried so far at an airline lounge.

And the service from the staff was excellent. They were friendly, helpful and efficient. Plus, the re-stocking of food was swift.

I’d have to say that the Emirates Lounge Hong Kong was excellent, and so far the best airport lounge I’ve experienced. It was great to relax here, and was comfortable to do a bit of work before the business class flight.

Which airport lounge do you think is the best?

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