Want To Indulge In The Historic Sacher Cake In Vienna? Read This First!

If you love your sweets like me… then traveling around the world trying different treats is a must.

Yet, it’s at times like these when you have to forget about your waistline… otherwise the guilt trip will be on your mind for the rest of your holidays!

So when Paul and I were in Vienna, we noticed that there were huge amounts of sweet treats. Yet, Paul generally isn’t a fan of sweets.

But one of the things to do in Vienna that was high on my list was this… indulging in the infamous Sacher Torte.

The Sacher Cake is one of the most famous sweets in the world, created by Franz Sacher in 1832. And the place to go get it is at Hotel Sacher.

However, there has been rivalry between Hotel Sacher and Demel… This is about where the true original Sacher Torta was established.

So while I don’t want to get into this debate as I don’t know enough about it… my travel dream was to go back to Hotel Sacher, and that’s what we did.

So, in case you don’t know, according to Hotel Sacher… the original Sacher Torte is a combination of two layers of a soft and light chocolate cake. Then this is separated by apricot jam and coated with chocolate icing. Plus, it’s usually served with unsweetened whipped cream.

While hearing that there is an apricot jam layer in the cake… don’t let this deter you if you’re not a jam fan.

And it’s not like a Victoria Sponge where there’s a thick layer of jam in the middle. Yet, that makes my mouth water just thinking about a Victoria Sponge!

So with the Sacher Torta, the jam is a subtle taste that helps bring a different dimension to a chocolate cake.

Different Areas To Try The Hotel Sacher Torte

After we’d done some sightseeing at Stephansplatz, it was time to unleash the beast (me) to get the Sacher Torte… LOL!

So I asked someone at a local cafe, and they gave us directions to have the Sacher Torte.

And this led us to the entrance on Kärntnerstraße, which is the shopping mall strip. So this entrance is for the Sacher Confiserien…

And here, on the right is a confectionary shop…

Then to the left is a café style eatery…

Yet, what we found out later was that there was another entrance to go feast on the Sacher Cake! And this was the main entrance to Café Sacher on Philharmonikerstraße.

From what we saw, the entrance on Philharmonikerstraße is more grand. Yet, if you don’t care about the ambience, the line is half as long on the Kärntnerstraße entrance.

So up to you what’s more important!

Want To Try Jump The Queue To Have Your Sacher Torte?

When we went to line up at Hotel Sacher on Kärntnerstraße, we noticed there was outdoor seating too. Yet, it was hot the day we went… so it wouldn’t have been the most comfortable environment to gobble down our Sacher Torta.

So, the line up was about 10 people deep when we were there. And to our delight the line was moving relatively quickly.

Apparently you can book at Café Sacher, and enjoy your Sacher Cake in a more sophisticated surrounding. So check this on the Hotel Sacher website or call them to make sure.

But as we were being spontaneous, we hadn’t booked. We waited about 10 minutes in line before getting a table.

We overheard some other tourists say that, if you don’t want a seat upstairs… then it was easy to get a table at the Sacher Confiserien. And off they went without having to wait in line.

Yet, when I went to enquire about the same thing… the waitress said to me that we all have to line up. So maybe the other people slipped her a tip!

There was also a gentleman in the line before us, who was waiting patiently. Then, when he got to the front of the queue… he mentioned to the waitress that he just wanted to buy something from their store.

And so she looked surprised, then said, “OK, come in! You don’t have to wait in line.”

This guy was only buying something in the store, and was out within minutes. Yet, if you wanted to be brazen, then you could try this tactic to get a seat… although we wouldn’t recommend it.

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Time To Have The Infamous Hotel Sacher, Original Sacher Torte

We were put at a table opposite the bar and given menus.

As Paul was going to try his first Sacher Cake… I wanted to try something different so we could share the cakes.

And what sounded delicious was the Original Sacher Torte Fudge Cake. So this sounded interesting, with a dash of egg liqueur… and I had visions of a thick, rich chocolatey fudge cake.

Then a few moments later, our cakes came out…

Yet, when I got my cake I thought they’d made a mistake as it didn’t look like a fudge cake. But that was my mistake for making an assumption, and not knowing what to expect!

The Sacher Torta Fudge Cake was light and tasted fine, but for me, I wouldn’t get it again. It didn’t rock my sweet tooth world as I was hoping.

Yet, with the Original Sacher Torte… I wasn’t disappointed, and surprisingly Paul said it tasted it delicious. For us, the Sacher Torte was lighter… without a sickly, dense chocolate flavor.

Don’t get me wrong, give me a thick dense chocolate mud cake and I’m in heaven.

Yet, sometimes when I’ve been to cafes and had a chocolate cake… it can be so sweet that I can’t eat it all. You know what I mean?

And maybe that has to do with the quality of ingredients too. But with the Sacher Torte, it has that lovely balance.

So you know, the Sacher Torte price with whipped cream is 7.50 Euro. And the Fudge Cake was 5.70 Euro.

Nowadays, there are many other places with their version of the Sacher Cake. So does Hotel Sacher make the best Sacher Torte? Let us know what you think!

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