Vienna Hotels Review: Ibis Wien Messe


Accommodation: Hotel Ibis Wien Messe

Location: Lassallestraße 7A, 1020 Vienna


Booked Standard Double Room


Le Club Accor Hotels

Research and Booking

When we were in Malta, we noticed that unfortunately there weren’t any Le Club Accor Hotels there. Yet, when we were going to plan a trip to Vienna, there were plenty.

So, this would help us to narrow down options… as there were plenty of choices for accommodation in Vienna.

Plus, as we weren’t sure which area to stay in Vienna… checking out where the Accor Hotels was helpful too.

So our hotel booking would only be for a couple nights. And we hadn’t planned on staying in the room much, as sightseeing as much as possible was our goal. Therefore, we weren’t looking for anything flash.

So in the end, we chose the Hotel Ibis Wien Messe, a 3 star hotel. And the rate per night for a standard double room was 71.82 Euro, not including breakfast.

And so you know, there are many other Ibis Vienna Hotels… if this is your preferred brand.

The Location

Hotel Ibis Wien Messe is on a major road called Lassallestraße in Leopoldstadt, District 2 Vienna. And if you prefer, the Ibis Budget Wien Messe Hotel, is right next door!

Yet, the Ibis Wien Messe is in a great location for catching the public transport. Plus, within walking distance is the infamous Prater Park… with the amusement park and the Giant Ferris Wheel, Wiener Riesenrad.

Here, there are plenty of food and drink options around… including international and Viennese cuisine.

Plus, within minutes walk is the Danube River. I’ll go into more about what’s around the Ibis Wien Messe soon.

Check In

After walking into the hotel, we had to go up a flight of stairs or take the lift to reception. Then, once we were there we saw 2 check in counters…

The staff member who served us greeted us with a smile. And as she was checking us in, we noticed that the staff weren’t wearing uniform. So some were dressed casually and others were more formal

This was unusual and we can’t recall ever seeing this in a hotel.

Even so, the staff member checked us in efficiently… and within minutes check in was done.

The Room

Our room was on the top floor of the hotel, but just so you know…. the room number doesn’t correspond with the floor number you press in the lifts.

So when we opened the door, here’s what we saw…

It looked similar to a typical Ibis Hotel, yet the bed appeared smaller than others we’d been to. Plus when we took a closer look at the bed, we thought the cover was strange…

The doona didn’t even cover the entire bed, and while I’m a small size… Paul is taller and bigger than me. So we were both looking at each other like WTF? It looked like we were going to be fighting for the doona.

Not sure if this is normal for Vienna, let alone Austria, but it sure was weird for us. And in the end, we didn’t have the best of sleeps… because we were playing tug-of-war in our sleep with the duvet!

Even so, on either side of the bed were handy side tables. And next to the bed was a long sitting area…

Then next to that was a long table area with 2 chairs and a small flat screen TV. Yet, there wasn’t much in the way of English channels, so luckily we weren’t staying in the room much!

Plus, there was also another strange thing we noticed with the room set up. So when we looked at the curtains, they were split into 3 shades, which could be slid along the wall.

Yet, they were a light fabric and didn’t cover the entire window area! So if we didn’t have our trusty eyeshades, the morning sun would’ve woken us up.

And just so you know, there’s no fridge or safe in the room either. Yet, near the entrance to the room was some cupboard space, coat hangers, and extra towels.

And there was also a big bag which we thought had an extra blanket, but they were pillows.

Plus, we were surprised there was a full length mirror in the room!

The Bathroom

The bathroom was small, yet we noticed that it was clean which was great.

Then as we had a closer look… inside was a hairdryer, liquid shampoo, soap and towels. And so you know… there were no amenities like shower cap, toothbrush or toothpaste.

The shower area was smallish, but functional with a hand held device only. So it was a basic bathroom but had essentials.

Dining At Hotel Ibis Wien Messe

While the Ibis Wien Messe had a restaurant, we never tried it as we headed out. Yet, as part of our elite status with Le Club Accor Hotels… we were given complimentary drink vouchers.

So we used this at the bar that was near the reception area. And here there were some bar stools as well as a couple of other small tables with seats.

So we decided to redeem our vouchers for a pint of local beer each…

Around Hotel Ibis Wien Messe

Whether it was day time or night time, it never felt that busy with tourists when we were there in Summer. And that made sightseeing and taking photos great.

So after we’d settled ourselves into this Ibis Hotel, we wandered around to see what we could find.

From a food and drink perspective, there are many options from Viennese food to Asian cuisine.

Yet, if you’re looking for a place to have some sweet treats and great coffee… make sure you check out The Cake Tree. Even Paul ended up sharing the treat I got, which is unusual!

To find out more about the Cake Tree CLICK HERE.

Plus, if you want genuine Vienna food with generous portions and gracious hospitality… make sure you head on over to Gasthaus Reinthaler. The food was incredible and the local beers were great.

Check out our experience at Gasthaus Reinthaler HERE.

And within about a 10 minute walk is Prater Park… where you can experience the big Vienna Ferris Wheel, Wiener Riesenrad.

So to get into the amusement complex is free, yet to take part in the activities you must pay.

And while you’re at Prater Park, take a stroll through and see the many tree lined paths.

And you can easily stroll to the Danube River within about 10 minutes.

Plus, getting around Vienna is simple and efficient… with many public transport options conveniently accessible. So you can’t get bored being in Vienna around the Ibis Wien Messe!

We Drink Eat Travel Wifi Speed Test

The wifi speed at Hotel Ibis Wien Messes was good. The download speed we clocked up was 46.3 mbps… And the upload wifi speed was 44.3 mbps.

Would We Stay Again At The Hotel Ibis Wien Messe?

While there wasn’t anything really that bad with the Hotel Ibis Wien Messe… we probably wouldn’t stay here again.

It was in a relatively good location, and had convenient access to amenities. Yet, some of the room features like the bed cover not fitting… and the blinds allowing the light through wasn’t to our liking. And we missed not having a fridge in the room.

But if you’re after a basic clean room for a couple of nights… then consider putting the Ibis Wien Messe on your short list for hotels in Vienna.

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