Top 5 Things To Do In 2nd District Vienna, Leopoldstadt

While the Vienna city centre has so much to offer in terms of amazing sights and delicious food… Just outside the centre is the 2nd district Vienna, called Leopoldstadt.

Here, there are some popular landmarks such as the iconic, Vienna Big Ferris Wheel. Yet, while we were in that area… we discovered that there was more to see and do.

So keep reading to find out our top 5 things to do in Leopoldstadt Vienna.

1. Kick Start Your Day With A Robust Vienna Coffee

Why not start your morning in Leopoldstadt with a strong, aromatic Viennese coffee. You can get a great one at a non-touristy type Vienna café, called The Cake Tree.

And while you’re there, why not have breakfast… or forego the savory items for sweet treats at breakfast. Who says you can’t have sweets for breakfast?!

Here’s a great Verlängerter coffee and homemade scone we had at The Cake Tree…

It opens at 10am, and you can find it on Wolfgang Schmälzl Gasse 14.

To find out more about The Cake Tree, check our blog HERE.

2. Franz Von Assisi Church

Once you’re all energized up from The Cake Tree… several minutes walk towards the Danube River is the St Francis Of Assisi Church…

Now, before you say, not another church! This church is magnificent, and looks almost castle like. We were able to go inside and have a look too, which was also amazing.

The views are incredible from the Danube River side too. So that leads onto another thing to do in 2nd district Vienna…

3. Danube River And Donauinsel

So once you’ve admired the St Francis of Assisi Church… another thing to do in Leopoldstadt is to check out the Danube River. Here, you’ll see lots of boats ready to take you along the River for scenic views.

Plus, there are several restaurants on the waterfront if you need any refreshments.

Yet, if you want to do some leisure activites, have a picnic or bbq, or even sunbake… then head on to Danube Island, otherwise known in Viennese as The Donauinsel.

While it’s not exactly in the 2nd district Vienna, it’s close enough!

You wouldn’t expect this long, narrow island in the middle of the Danube River! Yet, it’s a great for some relaxation.

It’s a few kilometres from the St Francis of Assisi Church. But there are many forms of transport to take including riding a bike or bus.

4. Prater

Then, about 4 kilometres away from Danube Island is Prater. The Prater Park is absolutely massive with long, tree lined streets.

Plus, in Vienna’s most famous amusement park… is the iconic giant ferris wheel called, Wiener Riesenrad. This ferris wheel was established in 1897, and stands about 65 metres tall.

Take a ride on the ferris wheel if you’re game, which will last for about 15 minutes.  Or you could enjoy some other activities at the amusement park like rides, Madame Tussauds or the Chocolate Museum.

You can try the fun park food or restaurants at Prater. Yet, if you want a place with an authentic, amazing, wholesome Viennese experience… head on over to Gasthaus Reinthaler.

5. Amazing Typical Vienna Food

About a 600 metre walk or so from the amusement park is Gasthaus Reinthaler, also known as Inn Reinthaler.

The owner is funny, helpful and runs a tight ship. Don’t worry if your German isn’t great… as there are menus in English and even Italian.

Here, you can get traditional foods… like many varieties of wiener schnitzels, goulash, käsespätzle, and more. Plus, you can enjoy a local beer or few with your massive meals.

And if you can find your dessert stomach, they have a range of traditional Viennese desserts.

The food here is incredible… and one of the best restaurants in Vienna for a traditional type atmosphere and cuisine.

And the great thing is, the portion sizes are generous without the hefty price tag.

You can find Inn Reinthaler at Stuwerstraße 5.

And to find out more about Gasthaus Reinthaler, check our blog HERE.

So at the time when we were sightseeing in the Vienna second district, Leopoldstadt… we were staying at the Hotel Ibis Wien Messe. Yet, before you think about booking here… read our review of this hotel first by clicking HERE.

So, here are just 5 top things to do in Leopoldstadt Vienna. And, there are many other places to see outside of the Vienna City Centre. We’ll aim to do other blog posts about these in the near future.

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