A Cute Vienna Café For Great Coffee And Cakes

When we went to Vienna we noticed many places selling sweets, cakes, pastries… and wickedly delicious desserts.

Yet, the challenge would be deciding what to have at all these Vienna cafes and cake shops!

So while Paul and I were staying at the Hotel Ibis Wien Messe… we were eager to go somewhere to try a good Vienna coffee.

And while we were at it to satisfy my sweet tooth craving… it’d be twice as nice to find somewhere to indulge in a sweet treat at the same time!

So, I initially did a Google search on the best coffee in Vienna around our Ibis hotel. Sure enough, many places popped up in the search results.

Yet, I narrowed it down to a place, which apparently had tasty home made goods too.

And with that, we headed off to a café called, The Cake Tree.

The Cake Tree is a few hundred metres or so walk from Prater Park… Or about 10 minutes from the banks of the Danube River. And, it’s a stone’s throw away from one of the best restaurants in Vienna… that serves hearty traditional fare.

You can check out our review of that restaurant HERE.

Ahhhh… Love The Serenity

So, The Cake Tree is on Wolfgang Schmälzl Gasse 14. It’s opposite a pretty tree lined street…

And as it was a beautiful summer morning, we chose to sit outside…

There’s also seating inside if that suits better…

So there were several different Vienna coffees to choose from… and luckily I did some research on types of Viennese coffee beforehand!

So I knew which type of coffee I wanted to order, which was the Verlängerter… where the style is like an Americano, or long black.

I generally order a long black type coffee as my tolerance for strong coffees it low. And they can make me jittery or feel like I want to climb the walls from the big kick it gives!

Yet, Paul can drink strong coffees, but on this occasion he chose the same type as me.

And of course, I had to choose something from the menu to indulge in. Yet, inside there were several cakes that were teasing me to eat them! Argh… what to have!

I was just about to choose a vanilla cake, until I saw a huge scone in a jar. I do like my scones when they’re done right. And by the looks of these ones I had to give it a go. It also came with a few different condiments.

The owner mentioned to us that one of their most popular coffees is the Verlängerter. And when we tasted it, we could understand why… it was rich and robust.

So remember what I said earlier about my coffee tolerance? Well, the coffee at The Cake Tree knocked my socks off! It was that strong I had to give Paul the rest of mine. So if you love a robust, tasty coffee… you’ll love it at this Vienna Cafe.

Check out our blog about different coffees in Vietnam HERE.

You’ll be surprised at what you read!

Then, not long after… I was given a big scone with this delicious looking bright yellow lemon curd…

It looked scrumptious and I dove right in. And was I happy? Hell yeah! OMG, the scone with cream and lemon curd was to die for. The dish also came with jam and butter, but these were in little containers… so not home made.

Yet, I urged Paul to give it a try, and even he loved it. So, what he loved more was the lemon curd, which was tart and took us to flavortown! And if he could, he would’ve licked the little plate that it came in.

So what we found out later is that they sell their lemon curd in small tubs for 2.10 Euro. Someone go get a crate for us… LOL!

So, the Verlängerter coffee was 2.80 Euro each… and the homemade scone with condiments was 4.10 Euro.

I was completely satisfied with our morning tea at The Cake Tree, and would go back. The quality was incredible as was the taste.

Plus, it was lovely sitting outside in the serenity. And if you want other things, they do breakfast, lunch and brunch too.

So why not give this Vienna cafe a try when you’re in the area!

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