One Of The Best Restaurants In Vienna For Traditional Food

Paul and I did a full day sightseeing in Vienna, admiring the amazing architecture amongst other things.

Then, after we headed back to our hotel to rest our weary feet, which was Hotel Ibis Wien Messe on Lassallestraße… we had a thirst for some local beers and typical Vienna food.

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So we had no idea where to go, but we did a quick Google search to see what would come up. And an Austrian restaurant that stood out for us was a place called, Gasthaus Reinthaler.

So it had many great reviews, and looking at recent photos made us start eating with our eyes… LOL! And it seemed like one of the top restaurants in Vienna for traditional food.

Then off we strolled from the Ibis Hotel, which took about 5 minutes for us to get there.

So we went on a weekday in Summer, and outside there were no seats available! And this was around 6:30pm. Yet, it didn’t surprise us because it was such a balmy and beautiful night.

So, we went inside to take a look and even there it was packed in the dining room area. Yet, there were a couple of tables available at the front area.


In the front area, which looks like the below pics… here’s where it’s a smoking area. There are more tables opposite and a few seats at the bar.

Yet, if you want a non-smoking area then you’ll need to ask for a table in the back dining room…

Beggars cant, be choosers… so the gentleman dressed in black trousers, white shirt and black waistcoat saw us. And he pointed us to a table at the front, in the smoking area.

Thankfully, the smoking wasn’t constant and not gushing out like it would through a chimney!

Paul and I decided to have a few beers first… before deciding what we would feed our faces with for dinner.

So we asked the gentleman, who we believe was the owner for suggestions local beer. And with that, he dropped a couple of coasters down on the table in front of us. Then, he pointed at the coasters, which had Murauer printed on it.

Note On The Beer:

So then we asked for a non-dark beer, of which he told us this… It’s always a light beer, unless you specifically ask for a dark. In Austria, a light beer is for the color of it.  

Yet in Australia, if you ask for a light beer… it means a lower alcohol percentage. So fellow Aussies or if it’s the same in your country, take note of this!

We weren’t sure what to expect when we got the beers, but they tasted great.

What To Eat?

So, as we were perusing the menu we noticed how extensive it was. And there were lots of typical Vienna food. By the way, there are separate English menus.

The hard part was choosing what to have, especially as a must eat in Vienna. Even for vegetarians there was an entire page dedicated to vegetarian meals… not including veggie side dishes. So big thumbs up there!

Plus, all the vegetarian dishes were under 10 Euro each, which in Vienna is ridiculously cheap! Yet, cheap can mean that the quality and portion size is not going to be great.

Yet, while we were still trying to decide… the food that was coming out to other diners looked and smelt AMAZING! Plus, the portion sizes looked massive. We assumed that one plate was for one person. Yet, we would find out soon enough.

We noticed how run off the feet the owner, and we assumed his wife were. If she isn’t the wife, we apologize in advance. So, she mainly did the drinks for customers, and she was non-stop for hours!

Then, the owner was serving, clearing tables, taking orders, and having quick chats amongst all that. So to us, he was providing great service and we really liked how funny he was!

We could tell that they were running a tight ship… and could probably do everything with their eyes closed!

So far, it was looking good for one of the top restaurants in Vienna… for typical local food and drinks.

Feast Your Eyes On Our Food At Gasthaus Reinthaler

So in the end, Paul and I ordered:

  • Vegetarian patties with herbed potatoes
  • Käsespätzle, which came with a side salad
  • A side of sauerkraut

Yet, the owner mentioned to us that the sauerkraut wouldn’t go well with the meals we ordered. It was good of him to tell us that, as many others would let it go. I guess he wanted us to have the best flavor combinations.

Yet, what he didn’t know was that we’d had a HUGE hankering for sauerkrat. And for us, it was a must eat in Vienna. So in the end, we ordered it.

And here’s how our food looked…

OMG… the size of our meals were massive, and there were only 2 of us! It looked like it could feed a family of 4!

So how did the food taste? Well, it was hard to decide which to try first. But I went straight for the sauerkraut first and it was so delicious. And even though the owner said it wouldn’t go well with our other dishes… it went down perfectly fine for us.

My veggie patties were scrumptious, and the potatoes were bloody awesome!

Paul’s Käsespätzle was incredible. And generally we wouldn’t have such creamy type dishes, but it was oh so melt in our mouths incredible. Plus, there was a bowl of salad that came with this dish.

And while most people would only have salads as a side dish, we could’ve eaten a truck load of it. The dressing on it was like a vinaigrette, that was doing gentle somersaults all over our taste buds.

It was incredible, hearty traditional Austrian fare that we were looking for. So did we have room for dessert? Well, take a look at our plates after we ate…

So, the sad thing was, we were so stuffed with the mains that we couldn’t fit any desserts in. And usually, my dessert stomach can muster up some space… Yet, on this rare occasion, I couldn’t fit another thing in!

Greatness All Round

So for several beers, 2 mains where one of them included a side salad… plus a side of sauerkraut, it only cost 47 Euro without a tip. So that is crazy cheap for Vienna!

Plus, we also appreciated was the quality, taste and portion sizes! And the service we received was top notch, despite the restaurant being packed. The owner was a gentleman, who was helpful, and with a fun character.

So to us… Gasthaus Reinthaler felt like it would be similar to our local bar/restaurant back at home. Not only because of the service we received… But as the environment was comfortable, and the atmosphere was laid back but cheery.

Plus, we also appreciated how they didn’t ask for a tip… unlike in many places we’ve eaten or drunk at. We hate giving tips if the food or service is crap. Yet, on this occasion, with the amazing food and service we didn’t hesitate to give a tip.

Make Sure You Go To The Right Restaurant!

And make sure you don’t get this place confused with another restaurant, with the name, Reinthaler Gasthaus.

The one we went to is at Stuwerstraße 5, Leopoldstadt, Vienna… and it’s near Prater Park. And sometimes you’ll see the restaurant’s name as, Inn Reinthaler. We’re so glad we found Inn Reinthaler and would come back again.

Just be wary that when it’s real busy, you’ll need to be patient. But it’s definitely worth the wait. We really do believe it’s one of the best restaurants in Vienna for a traditional feed.

So while you’re in the area, make sure you head on over. Because if you don’t, we believe you’re missing out! And make sure you to go there with a huge appetite so you fit all the meals in… as well as dessert.


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