What To See in Bratislava – High On The Hill Is The Iconic Bratislava Castle

When Paul and I were on a day trip to Bratislava, one of the sights that was on our list was Bratislava Castle.

Perched high upon a hill, surrounded by trees and overlooking the Danube River… the Bratislava Castle can be seen from the town. It was originally built in the 9th Century… with the significant battle between the Bavarians and Hungarians.

Yet, over time parts of the castle has been destroyed through battles. Thus, re-constructions of Bratislava Castle have taken place… to the beauty of what you see today.

Bratislava Castle Entrance

We entered Bratislava Castle via the Leopold’s Gate entrance…

So this could be accessed via the major street of Palisády. And this was a longer walk from the Main Square, plus a steeper incline up the hill. It took us about 15 minutes walk to get there.


There is another entrance to Bratislava Castle which is shorter, near Sigismund Gate…

So you can access this via Zámocké schody Street, where there are several restaurants. Yet, a word of warning, there are steps involved to get here. Plus, some of the steps are uneven and are down narrow alleyways.

So, if you have mobility issues then this may not be suitable.

At the time we went… to enter the Castle, these were the only 2 entrances open that we knew of.

What To See In Bratislava Castle

It’s worth noting that not all parts of the Castle are open to the public. Yet, before you even reach the Leopold’s Gate entrance… to the left was a massive open area, which was the Castle’s courtyard.

And here, there are theatre performances or concerts that you an see. When we were there in the Summer time, they were setting up for a major concert. And this was free to the public.

Relax In The Bratislava Castle Gardens And Park

As we walked around to the back of the castle, we saw that there was an entrance for a baroque style gardens. So, this was free for the public to enter.

And here, we saw a well manicured garden area with lots of colorful, pretty flowers…

But then, as we left this section of the castle… we wandered down and saw a massive park area…

And there were lots of people enjoying the shade of the trees. Or even sitting on the grass having picnics…

The Bratislava Castle Museum Of History

So this part of the Castle is not for free. And the admission prices vary per person, so best to check before you go. Yet, we discovered that if you have the Bratislava Card, then you can enter for free.

We believe that the Card was 18 Euro per person, and valid for 24 hours to 72 hours. Plus, there are many other benefits of the card… including free access to certain sights in Bratislava, and unlimited public transport.

You can check out the details on their website HERE.

So in the History Museum, it’s said to describe the development of Slovakia from medieval times to now. As well as include artefact exhibitions, and a guided tour of parts of the castle… as well as views from the top of the tower.

Yet, even without paying to visit Bratislava Castle, we got some amazing views…

Bratislava Castle Hours

So at the time of writing the Bratislava Castle was open on Tuesday through to Sunday… between 9:00am and 6:00pm, noting that on Mondays it doesn’t open. But best to check their website or contact them, as opening times may vary.

So have you been to Bratislava Castle? Did you pay for visiting the museum and seeing other parts of the Castle? And did you think it was worth it?

Let us know!

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