Bangkok Hotel Review: Prom Ratchada Residence And Spa

Accommodation: Prom Ratchada Residence and Spa

Location: 558 Ratchadapisek Soi 7, Nathong Soi 7, Ratchadapisek Road, Din Daeng, Bangkok, Thailand

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Research and Booking

After spending a couple of months or so in Vietnam, Paul and I were thinking about our next destination. And, in the next destination we’d go to, we would book accommodation for about 1 week or so.

So, it didn’t take long for us to decide to head back to one of our favorite places… Bangkok Thailand.

And, with Bangkok being a big capital city, there were plenty of areas we could stay in. Yet, we wanted to try a different area. So, we’d been to an area in Bangkok called Din Daeng.

And, when we were here, one of the main places we were visiting was Fortune Town. So, this was super exciting for Paul as it’s a MASSIVE shopping center for IT and related goods.

We also went to other places in Din Daeng, and we did like the area. So, this is where we were searching for accommodation.

Now, there are plenty of hotels to choose from.

And, to help us make a decision we had specific criteria.

So, this included being within easy walking distance of public transport, restaurants and bars… as well as having a pool so we could catch some rays and get a healthy glow.

Getting Discounts And Cashback

So, a popular hotel search engine is, where they can sometimes have some great bargains. Plus, they have a rewards program, where if you stay 10 nights… you get 1 reward night to use for another purchase.

To find out the terms and conditions, CLICK HERE.

Plus, is part of the cashback program.

Thus, we would get a further 4% discount on our stay. But, remember to check the terms and conditions for deals sites like this… because if you don’t follow the process, you won’t get the cashback.

So, to cut a long story short… we decided on staying at the 3 star Prom Ratchada Residence and Spa. And yes, it has a pool plus a small fitness center.

Then, we chose a standard room in Tower B with a bathtub. Plus, the room rate was including free breakfast and complimentary high speed wifi.

So, this room type is normally 1,800 Thai Baht per night. Yet, through it was down to AUD $566.90.

Thus, the total price for a 10 night stay at Prom Ratchada Residence and Spa was $566.90 (about 11,825 THB / USD $387). Then, through we would get a further 4% discount (not on taxes and fees) after the qualifying period.  

So, that means the final price would be AUD $544.80 (about 11,360 THB / USD $372).

But wait… as we were part of the Rewards program, we would get 1 free night to the equivalent of about AUD $56.69. And, that because we were making a booking of at least 10 nights.

WOW… the bargains, bonuses and benefits just keep rolling on in!

Yet, with all these great bonuses and benefits, would we have a happy stay at Prom Ratchada Residence? Read on to find out!

The Location

So, we believe that Prom Ratchada Residence and Spa is in a great location.

It’s set back one street from the major road Ratchadapisek Road, in Din Daeng. So, the hotel is about 45km from Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport… and about 20 km from Don Mueang Airport.

Yet, once we got to the area we saw that it was still bustling. And, there were plenty of amenities and conveniences within easy walking distance.

So, I’ll go into these a bit later in the blog. But for now, let me run you through our check in.

Check In

So, we got to Prom Ratchada Residence and Spa using Grab from Suvarnabhumi Airport. And, if you want to get some tips from our trip, CLICK HERE.

So, the check in time at this hotel is 2:00pm. And, we got there after 5:00pm, thankfully avoiding most of the peak time traffic.

Then, our friendly Grab driver was helping us to get our luggage out of his car. And, moments later a hotel staff member came out to help.

So, as we were going through the glass automatic sliding doors, we immediately noticed how ice cold it was! And, this was very welcome as it was hot and humid on our arrival.

Then, in the “Land of Smiles,” the hotel reception staff was warmly greeting us with a big smile. So, when we were checking in we were given a few items, which included…

A keycard to swipe in the elevator so that we could access the floor of our room

Plus, a key attached to a keycard to open and lock our door… as well as to turn the electricity on

And, enough vouchers each to give to staff at breakfast time

Then, we were given a quick run down of other amenities within the hotel. And after that, the hotel security took us up to our room.

Our Prom Ratchada Residence and Spa Hotel Room

Now, so you know, there are 2 towers in Prom Ratchada. So, Tower A is the older building, where the main reception area is. And, Tower B is the newer building, which is next door to this.

So, our standard room with bathtub was on level 6 of Tower B. And, as we were walking there, the building did look new, clean and bright. Thus, it was good for first impressions.

Yet, there’s no air conditioning on the floors, making it uncomfortable going to and from the room.

Even so, after unlocking our hotel room with the key, here’s what we saw…

A Sneak Peek Into Our Hotel Room

Next to the door is a mini kitchenette with a big sink, kettle, cups, saucers, teaspoons, glasses… as well as complimentary tea and coffee. Plus, there were 2 bottles of complimentary 600ml drinking waters.

And, there was also a mini fridge, which was super cold. We didn’t even have to put it up to its coolest setting!

Then, next to this area was a large closet with several coat hangers and shelves. And, opposite this was a row of clothes hooks.

So, beside this area was a very long desk with chair, and a big flat screen TV above it.

So, here was the humungous list of TV channels…  

Then, around the corner from this was a large window, with a round table and 2 chairs.

Then, next to this were 2 single beds, even though we requested a double! Yet, it didn’t really bother us, as we made it into a big double bed ourselves. And, on either side of the bed were side tables.

Plus, there were 2 big pillows each. And, it was great that around the bed head area there was lots of room to store things, which was convenient.

It was a big air conditioning unit and it was working well.

So, the area felt roomy and it was great that it was clean and new.

Yet, we though it strange that with all that room in the kitchenette area and a big sink… it didn’t even have other amenities for cooking.

The Bathroom

So, when we went to check out the bathroom, one of the first things that stood out was the large mirror. And, beneath this was a sink with lots of bench space.

Then, next to that was a shelving area with several amenities, including… shower caps, glasses, shampoo, shower gel and more.

So, there were 2 bath towels, 2 hand towels and a couple of areas to hang them. Then, next to the toilet area was the bathtub and shower combination, which had a non-slip mat in it.

Now, while it was great to have a bathtub… there were a couple of annoying things about the shower area.

So, there’s a big area on the side of the bath where it catches excess water. And, this water then drains behind the shower, down into a small drain next to the toilet.

Yet, if there’s a lot of excess water, it goes all behind the bath, through to under the sink area. Thus, part of the floor gets flooding!

And, while the shower area looks big, when taking a shower it feels a bit cramped. Even so, it was new and clean. And, it was good to be able to relax in the bathtub.

Thus, overall the room was fine for this 3 star hotel.

Breakfast At The Prom Ratchada Residence And Spa

So, breakfast was part of our daily room rate… which in the elevator said was on level 2 of Tower A. Then, as we were going to breakfast, we saw that on the ground level of Tower A… there was another area set up for breakfast.

So, we went to have a look at the breakfast area upstairs to decide where to have our morning meal.

And, the upstairs area was twice as big so we decided to have brekky here.

Now, for the breakfast set up, we had to choose a breakfast from 11 different set meals. And, they do cater for vegetarians too, but this is far more limiting in choices.

Then, they have 2 sections set up, which are buffet style.

So, the first section had a basic salad with lettuce leaves, cherry tomatoes and shredded carrot. Then, next to that was a fruit salad mix, and yoghurt.

So, around the corner from this section was a larger area. And here, there was tea, coffee, orange juice and milk. Plus, there was cereal, small bread buns, bread for toasting, butter and strawberry jam.

Then, on the tables was a range of condiments that we could season our meals with if needed.

Thus, it was a basic breakfast, yet it was fine to fuel us up for the start of the day.

Amenities At The Prom Ratchada Residence And Spa

The Pool

So, there is a pool at the hotel, which is in Tower A. And, while it isn’t a huge pool or area it was functional. The depth of the pool is 1.3 meters.

And, there were 6 lounge chairs with umbrellas.

Plus, there are towels, toilets and showers in the area.

Yet, a word of warning… the pool is not heated. So, once we first went into the pool it was Arctic cold freezing! Yet, soon enough we would acclimatize and it did cool us down after being in the hot Bangkok sun.

So, the pool area gets a lot of sun, which is great for tanning up. Plus, there are shady areas too.

Now, the pool is at the front of the hotel, directly next to the road. So, if you want peace and quiet while you’re lounging at the pool… that ain’t gonna happen!

We could clearly hear the sounds of tuk tuks hooning up and down the road. Plus, there are pick up trucks with their speakers blaring… promoting their produce and prices for people.

Yet, if that doesn’t bother you, then the pool area is fine to chillax.

The Gym

Now, as part of the Prom Ratchada Residence’s amenities, they said there was a fitness room. And, this is on the same level of the main breakfast area in Tower A, level 2.

So, the fitness center is small, and has a few machines yet no weights. Thus, it’s not the best if you want to do a full on workout. But, it would be adequate for some people.

S-Sense Health Massage

On level 2 is a spa and massage center. And here, we could take advantage of several treatments if we wanted, including… aromatherapy oil massage, body scrubs, milk bath and more.

And, prices start from about 600 Thai Baht for spa packages (about USD $20).

Other Amenities At The Prom Ratchada Residence And Spa

So, on the ground floor in Tower A, there’s a large fridge where alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks could be bought. Now, we don’t know what the prices are as we never got anything from there.

On the ground floor in Tower A are several different seating areas too. As well as a computer, books and newspapers.

There are also function rooms that can cater for up to 130 people.

So, between Tower A and Tower B are outdoor seating areas. We’ve seen several groups of people sit out here, relaxing.

Then, once we left the building, there are heaps of places and amenities nearby this Bangkok hotel.

Around Prom Ratchada Residence And Spa

So, once we stepped out of the hotel, there are lots of street food vendors lining the area.

And, when we were walking around the area and the back streets… there were several convenience stores like the 7-Eleven and Family Mart. Then, there were even more local eateries.

Plus, there’s a place called Baan Bar Ratchada 7, which is literally less than a minute walk away. So, if you’re too lazy to walk far, you can grab a cheap drink or two, or a meal.

Then, within a minute walk or so is the Big C Extra complex. So, as well as the Big C hypermarket, there are other shops, food court, ATMs, bank and money changer.

And, one of the most popular landmarks in the area is the Talad Rod Fai Train Night Market. So, it’s only several hundred meters away, and we recommend checking out this market. There are lots of eateries, but not a lot for vegetarians. Yet, there are plenty of bars, with cheap drinks.

Also within easy walking distance are 2 shopping centers, The Street Ratchada and The Esplanade Cineplex Ratchadapisek. So, for shopping, watching movies, playing games, eating and more in air conditioned comfort, you can head on over here.

Plus, the great thing about The Street Ratchada, is that it’s open 24 hours.

So, while there are plenty of tuk tuks, motorbike taxis and other transport options… the Thailand Cultural Center MRT is an easy walk of less than 10 minutes. And, we prefer the MRT versus the BTS… because it is underground with air conditioning most of the time.

Then, once you get on the MRT the options are endless of where to go around Bangkok! Thus, this Bangkok hotel is in an excellent location.

We Drink Eat Travel Wifi / Internet Speed Test

The wifi at Prom Ratchada Residence And Spa can be frustrating! So, it does state that they provide high speed wifi throughout the hotel.

Then, when Paul first did a wifi speed test… the download speed he got was 38.3 mbps, and for the upload it was 29.5 mbps. And, this was taking the speed near our front door.

Then, when I did a wifi speed test here’s what I got…

But, when we re-did the internet speed test at the opposite end of the room, furthest away from the wifi router… it was much slower.

Then, as we were continuing to run wifi speed tests throughout our stay… we found that the wifi was unstable, and the speeds would vary. Check out this speed at one point…

So, as you can see, the wifi can be high speed, but other times it’s terrible. And, the further away from the wifi box the slower it is. So, a lot of times when in this position, it was excruciatingly slow!

Plus, at random times throughout our stay we got kicked out of the wifi. Then, we had to log back in using the code.

So yes, it was somewhat annoying!

In the public areas of the hotel, the wifi speed was fast.

Yet, during our stay apparently there were issues with the internet provider. And, this resulted in the internet being more unstable and slow throughout the hotel.

Although we didn’t have to input a code anymore, the wifi was worse.

Would We Stay Here Again?

Our stay at the Prom Ratchada Residence And Spa was fine, especially considering it’s a 3 star hotel.

And, our deal that we got via for AUD $56.69 per night, was much better value than booking direct with the hotel. The hotel’s rate for a standard room with bathtub in the newer Tower B, was 1,800 Thai Baht per night (about AUD $86 / USD $59)

And, our rate was including a semi-buffet breakfast, daily room cleaning if we wanted… as well as complimentary 2 bottles of drinking water per day.

So, while the facilities at the hotel were quite good… the wifi was frustrating and unstable.

Some of the staff can speak English well, whereas for other staff it is almost non-existent. So, in those cases they tell us when the manager will be arriving. Then, we can speak with the manager for assistance.

But, the location of this Bangkok hotel is fantastic. It’s within easy walking distance to the MRT, markets, eateries, bars, shops and more.

So, if we were to be in the area again… then yes, we would consider staying at Prom Ratchada Residence And Spa. But, only if we weren’t reliant on stable and good internet.

Have you been to this hotel before? What were your thoughts about it? Or, where else would you recommend to stay in this area of Bangkok?

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