Things To Do In Bangkok – Visit The Camp Flea Market With Surprising Relics!

Paul and I had been to the infamous and humongous Chatuchak Market before several times. Yet, we did hear about a groovy vintage market very close to Chatuchak Market… that was within an easy walking distance.

So, as we were wanting to go somewhere new, we thought we’d check it out. And, the place is called, The Camp Vintage Flea Market.

So, this is an antique style flea market, with a couple of popular relics being its major draw card. Thus, making it a prime place for photographers and Instagrammers… so that they can get their post worthy pics!

So, in this blog post I’ll give you a sneak peek into The Camp Flea Market. Then, you can decide if this should be one of the things to do in Bangkok.

Let’s dive in!

Getting To The Camp Vintage Flea Market 

So, Paul and I were staying at Prom Ratchada Residence And Spa, which is near the Thailand Cultural Center MRT.

Thus, for us it was convenient to get The Camp Flea Market via train. So, we had to get the MRT, using the Blue Line.

And for us, it was 7 train stops from the Thailand Cultural Center MRT, code BL19. Then, to get to the market, we had to get off at MRT stop Kamphaeng Phet code BL12. And, for a one-way trip using this route, it only costs 15 baht per adult. So, that’s super cheap!

So, once we got off at Kamphaeng Phet MRT station, we had to take exit 1.

Then, to get there we had to do a u-turn. Then, we saw a sign for The Camp Vintage Flea Market in the distance.

And, so you know, there is another entrance on the main road, Kamphaeng Phet.

Check Out What’s At The Camp

So, as we were walking to the entrance, here’s what we saw first…

And, check out the massive ash tray, which is an old bomb!

So, The Camp Flea Market apparently opens at 3pm. And, when we got there around 4:15pm it was quiet. Plus, many of the shops, restaurants and bars were not open yet. 

But, it was great for us that it was quiet… as we could get lots of our photos without anyone in them!

And, close to the entrance are these impressive relics, which are the most photographed…

Wowee, a bomber plane in the middle of a vintage flea market, in Bangkok Thailand… who would’ve thought!

So, in this section of the market, there were lots of eateries and bars were surrounding it. Plus, there were plenty of tables and seats to relax, eat and drink.

Then, as we took a stroll around The Camp Vintage Flea Market, we saw more antique style things like these…

Plus, there were market stalls selling vintage clothes, nic nacs and more.

So, as we were walking around, we did realize that it’s a small market. Plus, when comparing it to Chatuchak Market, it’s tiny! So, there was nothing for us that was interesting enough to buy. Yet, it did have a chilled atmosphere.

Toilet Matters…

So, with the public toilets we thought they weren’t the most pleasant! They’re smelly squat toilets.

Plus, bring your own toilet paper or tissues as there’s none in the toilet cubicles. 

Yet, if you do forget, have a drink at a bar and grab some of their tissues. And, there’s no fee to use the toilets. 

Relaxing At One Of The Bars

So, as it did have a relaxing atmosphere, we decided to stay at The Camp Flea Market for some brews. So, the place we chose was the 1958 Cafe.

And, we thought this was a great spot to look out over the market, people watch… and to see many people do heaps of poses in front of the pick up truck and bomber plane!

So, it was just before 5pm when the 1958 Cafe was opening. Thus, we were hesitant if the beers were going to be cold. Yet, once the staff member brought them out, they were surprising cold. And, the beers got even cooler as the night went on.

So, a large Leo was 100 baht, and a small one was 60 baht.

So, initially the music they were pumping through the speakers included Bob Marley, UB40, and Inner Circle. Then, as the night when on they were playing a whole range of genres. 

Plus, they have a power bank charging area, at 15 baht per hour…

As The Sun Goes Down At The Camp Flea Market

And, after about 5pm we saw that it was getting busier at the market.

We were having a relaxing time, people watching and listening to the tunes. But, we must warn you that there’s lots of bugs at night time… so make sure you have some repellent!

There are several other eateries and bars a stone’s throw away from 1958 Café. And, here’s a pic inside one of the other cafés.

Thus, it is worth going inside and checking out what’s in these places, as it does have some interesting artefacts.

So, while we had a good night out at The Camp Vintage Flea Market… we wouldn’t recommend making a special trip out to this Bangkok night market, if you’re not in the area.

But, if you are in the area head on over… especially if you’re at the Chatuchak Market, as it’s very close.

Even so, it was a groovy little vintage market, with cheap drinks and a chilled atmosphere.

Which markets have you been to in Bangkok? Which ones did you like and would recommend?

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