Ho Chi Minh City Airport Hotel Reviews: Airstar Hotel & Apartment

Accommodation: Airstar Hotel & Apartment

Location: 6 Sông Đáy, Phường 2, Tân Bình, Hồ Chí Minh City, Vietnam

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Research and Booking

After our stay in Ho Chi Minh City District 7, Paul and I were going to head off to Thailand. And, the time to get to Tan Son Nhat Airport from District 7, should be an hour or so.

Yet, on our travels in Vietnam, we’ve found that the traffic is unpredictable. And, several times we’ve been stuck in crazy busy traffic. For example, a 10km trip took us almost 1 hour and 30 minutes one time!

Thus, to be safe and so we wouldn’t have to get up super early on the day of our flight… we thought it’d be best to stay at a hotel near Ho Chi Minh City airport.

Then, Paul had a $30 discount voucher from Qantas Hotels for accommodation. So, the timing was perfect! Plus, there was no minimum spend, and we could still be eligible to earn Qantas Frequent Flyer points. Bonus!

So, with that it was time to look for hotel.

Something New To Experience

Now, we have been in accommodation around the airport before. Yet, on this occasion we were looking to stay somewhere different, for a new experience!

But, we were looking for a Ho Chi Minh City Airport Hotel… that would ideally include breakfast and transport to the airport. And, that criteria would be a great to help do a short list of places.

Then, in the end after reading some reviews, and checking out some photos… we chose the Airstar Hotel & Apartment.

So, this is supposedly a 3-star hotel.

And, the price we saw on the Qantas Hotels website was AUD $59.94 (about 950,600 VND / USD $41.05). Then, with the discount voucher, the final price for one night was AUD $29.94 (about 474,950 VND / USD $20.50).

And, this was in a Deluxe Double room, with complimentary buffet breakfast… as well as free transport to and from the airport.

Normally though, we’d think that $60 would be pricey for Vietnam for a 3 star hotel. Yet, thanks to our voucher it was great value, considering the freebies we’d get access to.

There are apartments, yet for a 1 night stay we didn’t look into it.

The Location

So, the Airstar Hotel & Apartment is only about 1km from the Tan Son Nhat Airport International Terminal. Thus, it was super close and we could sleep in before our flight J

The street that the hotel is on, is around the corner from a major road. So, this was helpful in reducing the level of street noise.

Plus, around the hotel were several convenient amenities that I’ll go into soon.

So, for an overnight stopover near the airport it would prove to be handy. Yet, how good were the hotel standards and amenities? Let’s find out now!

Check In

Now, the check in time at Airstar Hotel & Apartment is 2:00pm. Yet, we did get there early around 12:45pm. Thus, we weren’t expecting to immediately get access to our hotel room.

Then, as our Grab driver was helping us get our luggage out of his car… a staff member from the hotel came out to assist.

So, as we went through the front automatic sliding doors of the hotel, we saw the reception desk. Then, the female staff member who was checking us in was polite, and efficient.

And, within minutes we could go into our hotel room. Thus, it was great that we were able to check into our room early… without any additional charges!

The Airstar Hotel Room

So, when we were booking our hotel room, we did request a quiet room on a higher floor… away from the lifts. And, while there are only 4 floors for the hotel… each of our room requests were met, which was great.

Then, after opening the door to our deluxe hotel room, this is what we saw…

So, the bed was laid out lovely with 2 huge pillows… then 2 more medium sized pillows, and 2 cushions. And, we found that the bed was super comfy. It was firm, but had some give.

There was also a big window, which let in lots of natural sunlight. Plus, there were sheer curtains and blackout curtains, to also help for a good night’s sleep.

So, only on the left of the bed was a side table, as well as a lamp overhead.

Then, opposite the bed was a long desk with drawers, a big mirror and a padded seat.

And, next to that was a flat screen TV, which had a decent amount of channels in various languages.

Then, beneath the television was a kettle, cups, glasses, complimentary tea and coffee. Plus, there were 2 free bottles of small water.

There were also snacks that we could buy, and they could make meals.

Then, after panning the room, it didn’t look like there was a fridge.

Yet, after I was opening a door of the cabinet beneath the TV, there was a mini fridge.

And, it had drinks for purchase. Plus, the temperature of the fridge was cold, unlike others in hotels and apartments we’ve been staying in.

So, next to that was a large closet. And in here was a small safe, coat hangers, and surprisingly bathrobes. Plus, they could also do laundry for a fee.

The Bathroom

So, after checking out the main room, we went into the bathroom. And here, there were 2 large bath towels, 2 hand towels as well as 2 face washer towels.

Plus, around the sink was a large mirror and various amenities, which included… shaver kit, toothbrushes with toothpaste, shower cap, comb and more.

So, opposite this was the toilet, a bath mat and the shower. And, with the shower there were 3 different ways we could use it… water coming out of the rainhead, a hand held device, or through the tap.

So, in the shower was liquid shampoo and shower gel, and next to the sink was liquid hand wash.

And, what we noticed throughout the room and bathroom, was that it very clean. Plus, we thought the amenities in the room were of a higher quality than what we were expecting… considering it is a 3 star hotel.

So, we were happy with this Ho Chi Minh City Airport Hotel so far!

Breakfast At The Airstar Hotel & Apartment

So, as part of our room rate was buffet breakfast. And, this was on level 3.

Yet, before we got to the restaurant we found that there was a small terrace area. And, this would’ve been great to have a few bevvies.

So, after going through the sliding doors to the restaurant, here’s what we saw.

We had the entire restaurant to ourselves for most part of the breakfast. And, piping through the stereo was some upbeat instrumental tunes.

So, as we were seeing what the buffet breakfast spread was, it included…

  • Coffee, tea, condensed milk and condiments 
  • Steamed vegetables 
  • Sticky rice with green beans 
  • Pasta bolognaise 
  • Spaghetti carbonara
  • Congee
  • Chicken teriyaki 
  • Pork ribs
  • Breads
  • Salads
  • Condiments 

Then, next to that section was an open kitchen, where we could get eggs made to order.

Then, opposite that was a section including…

  • Yogurt
  • Cereal 
  • Cakes
  • Fruits 

Then, it was self-serve cutlery, napkins and toothpicks.

So, as we were eating our meals… we were realizing that most of the meals didn’t have a lot of seasoning. Thus, we had to make use of some of the condiments that they had put out.

Yet, there was no salt in the condiments section. So, when we asked for some salt they put the smallest portion in a tiny plate!

There wasn’t a great deal of vegetarian options in the hot food warmer section.

So for us, it was a basic breakfast and nothing to rave on about. But, it was included in our room rate. And, it did fill our belly before our flight out of Ho Chi Minh City.

Now, we also found out that there was complimentary tea and coffee we could get throughout the day. And, this was on the ground floor of the hotel.

Around The Airstar Hotel & Apartment

So, at some airport hotels we’ve been to, there’s almost nothing around within walking distance. Yet, the Airstar Hotel & Apartment is in a good location… not only to Tan Son Nhat Aiport but to other amenities.

So, there were several local Vietnamese style convenience stores… as well as bigger ones like Vinmart + and 7-Eleven.

Yet, to cross the main road can be scary for the uninitiated! So, don’t cross it if you are hesitant, because some of the people drive crazy and sometimes real fast. Thus, hesitation could land you in a spot of trouble.

There are many restaurants around, with local cuisines… through to Japanese, Chinese, American, Thai, and Korean food, for example. Plus, there are many street carts selling local foods and lots of banh mi. So, from a foodie perspective, there are many options.

And, if you want to kill some time there is the Parkson CT Plaza, which is a few hundred meters or so away. So here, there is a supermarket, restaurants, and some shops.

Now, we also heard that there was a ten pin bowling alley nearby. But, we didn’t get the opportunity to check out its location and details. Yet, if that tickles your fancy, that’s another thing you could do nearby the hotel.

Yet, if you’re spending a bit of time in the Ho Chi Minh City airport area… you could get to District 1 in about 20 minutes so long as the traffic is good!

We Drink Eat Travel Wifi / Internet Speed Test

So, after checking out all the amenities within the room, we did a wifi speed test. And for us, getting fast wifi is uncommon in many parts of South East Asia.

Thus, when we did the internet speed test… the download speed we got was 88.8 mbps, and 43.6 mbps on the upload.

So, it was fast and a pleasant surprise for us!

Checking Out At Airstar Hotel & Apartment

So, the check out time is 12:00pm… yet when we were checking in we pre-booked the hotel’s free shuttle to the airport for 10:30am.

When we got to the reception area, no-one was there. Then, as we were looking around… we saw the reception staff member saying farewell to a couple of other guests.

Then, as she was walking back inside, she saw us waiting and immediately apologized.

So, as they were doing the usual routine of having housekeeping staff check the room… she was thanking us for our stay. Then, she presented us with a “Thank You” postcard like this…

This staff member was bright and bubbly, and saw us outside to get the shuttle. So, we were expecting a mini van… yet it was a large sedan car with the hotel’s logo on the side.

So, it was funny how they were calling it a shuttle. Even so, it was for free and only minutes away from the airport, thus very convenient.

Would we stay here again?

The Airstar Hotel & Apartment exceeded our expectations. And, we got a great deal thanks to Pauls’ Qantas $30 discount voucher. So in the end, for 1 night we ended up paying AUD $29.94 (about 474,950 VND / USD $20.50).

And, this rate included buffet breakfast, free tea and coffee on the ground floor of the hotel… as well as a complimentary shuttle service to and from the airport. Yet, the normal deluxe room rate was AUD $59.94.

So, for Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam standards it’s on the higher end of the price scale.

But in saying that, the hotel amenities were excellent for a 3 star hotel… and, the room was super clean with a comfy bed. Yet, the buffet breakfast was average for us, and a lot of the food was lacking flavor.

Yet, the Airstar Hotel & Apartment did have fast wifi, which was fantastic. Plus, the staff were helpful, polite and efficient.

And, there were lots of restaurants, shops and convenience stores… within easy walking distance.

Thus, we would consider staying at this Ho Chi Minh City airport hotel again.

Which airport hotels have you been staying at in Ho Chi Minh City, that you’d recommend?

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