Want To Know About The Qantas Dubai Connect Service? Read This Now

Paul and I had booked Qantas business class flights, which would be operated by Emirates.

The first leg of the flight had an overnight layover of about 8 hours. So, as part of our ticket benefits, we were eligible for the Qantas Dubai Connect Service.

The Dubai Connect Service is also available to Qantas First Class and Economy passengers… with eligible bookings.

To find out more about eligibility, please check the Qantas website or contact Qantas Customer Service… and ask them about Dubai Connect.

So this blog post is about our experiences with the Qantas Dubai Connect Service.

Booking The Dubai Connect Services

With the Dubai Connect Service… we would receive a complimentary chauffeur driver luxury car service. Plus, we would also get a complimentary night at 1 of 4 hotels in Dubai.

So the Dubai Connect Hotel choices available to stay at was…

  1. Le Meridien Airport Hotel Dubai
  2. Copthorne Hotel Dubai
  3. Arabian Park Hotel Dubai, OR
  4. At another hotel at the discretion of Qantas

So, when I logged into my Qantas account I could book the chauffeur driver service. This would include a transfer from Dubai Airport to the designated hotel… and the return service back.

Yet, with the hotel I couldn’t book this through the Qantas site. So, I checked the Emirates website to see if I could book the hotel there. But I couldn’t find anywhere to do it.

So I got on the live chat with Emirates. And they advised me that we wouldn’t find out which hotel we were staying at until we checked in.

I also asked if we could put in a hotel preference, which we couldn’t do either. Bummer! Because we were hoping to stay at the Le Meridien as it was a 5 star hotel.

Plus, it was close to the airport and with a late night arrival and early morning flight… this would be convenient.

The Qantas Dubai Connect Service At Emirates Airlines Check In

When Paul and I were checking into our flight, we’d forgotten about the hotel stay in Dubai. Then, the Emirates staff member at the airport check in counter gave us 3 Dubai Connect vouchers.

And when we looked at the first voucher she’d printed, it had the hotel we were staying in. And we were happy as it was the Le Meridien Hotel. Woo Hoo! Yet, we’d  only have about 6 hours or so there, but it was better than waiting around at the airport.

So, with these 3 lots of vouchers, we had to give them to the Emirates staff at Dubai Airport.

Using The Qantas Dubai Connect Service

So, once we arrived at Dubai Airport, passing through immigration, and customs… There were big red and white signs pointing to Emirates Chauffeur Driver…

Now, if you get confused or want to be sure, there are several Emirates staff in the baggage claim area. And here you can ask for directions on how to get to the hotel.

So after leaving customs, we had to go right, and then we saw a massive area with this signage…

Then when we got there automatic doors opened to a large section with lots of chairs in a waiting area. There was also a desk area with Emirates staff sitting down. There were 2 sections… one for First Class Passenegers and the other for Business Class Passengers.

We gave staff our Dubai Connect vouchers… the ones that we got at the airport check in. Then he printed off a piece of paper and told us to head towards Exit 4, and someone would help us.

That was easy enough, and then outside Exit 4 were 2 different lines again… 1 for First Class Passengers and the other for Business Class Passengers.

The first thing we noticed was the stifling Dubai heat. Then we saw heaps of black luxury cars… with Emirates Business or First painted on the side of them.

Now, a lot of them were Mercedes Benz branded vehicles. It looked professional and exclusive, just for VIPS like us… LOL!

It was an efficient service, and it took less than 5 minutes to get to the Le Meridien Hotel near Dubai Aiport.

Then, when we were at the Le Meridien Hotel, they suggested a time for the Chauffeur pick up the next day. As there were other people going to the airport at the same time… we were all taken in a Mercedes Benz shuttle.

Again, the service was efficient and quick. And overall it was a great service to have experienced.

So, hope this helps for information regarding the Qantas Dubai Connect Service.

Enjoy Your Travels!

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