Getting A Grab From Suvarnabhumi Airport Bangkok With Pro Tips

If you’ve been to Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport, then you’ll know how big and bustling this airport is. And, if you haven’t been before… then it can feel frantic and even frustrating for new comers.

So, Paul and I have been to Bangkok many times. And, on a recent trip we were going to Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport from Vietnam. Then, we had already pre-booked accommodation for a week. But, we didn’t pre-book any transport from the airport to our hotel.

So, there are several options from the airport to get into major centers within Bangkok. And, these include public taxis, the Airport Rail Link, public buses, and renting a car, for example.

In the past, Paul and I have often caught the Airport Rail Link, which can be a great option. And, that’s because it’s an easy ride into major areas of Bangkok on an air-conditioned train. Plus, it’s cheap. Yet, one of the bonuses is that you don’t get stuck in traffic!

Thus, we should’ve been arriving at Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport around 2:30 in the afternoon. And, our plan was to get the Airport Rail Link for most of the journey to our hotel.

Thanks Jetstar…

But, after having a flight delay with Jetstar, it was almost 4 o’clock in the afternoon. Thus, peak time in Bangkok would be starting soon.

And, being caught up in Bangkok’s heavy traffic in peak time isn’t fun! As an example, one time it took us almost an hour to get to a destination, which would normally take about 15 minutes! 

So, as we had lots of luggage and we were bloody tired… on this occasion we were too lazy to haul our luggage around on the public transport.

And, while catching the public transport would be cheaper, and possibly quicker… being comfortable was our priority on this trip from the airport to our hotel.

So, we could’ve got a taxi. Yet, our preference has been to use the ride sharing companies such as Grab, to get around in South East Asia.

Booking Our Grab From Suvarnabhumi Airport

So, we made a decision to get a Grab from Suvarnabhumi Airport to our hotel. And, at Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport you can get free, reliable wifi. 

Thus, this was going to be handy when booking our Grab taxi. But, when we were starting to book our Grab car, the app wouldn’t work. Argh!

So, here’s a tip…


When you get to your airport destination… turn your phone off, and then back on again to refresh the Grab app. Do this whether you arrive in Bangkok, Vietnam, Malaysia… or any other country which supports the Grab app.

Then, once you’re at Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport you can choose from several pick up points. And, the choices will change according to where you are in the airport. So, we chose the departures on Level 4, at Gate 1.

Yes, it may seem illogical considering we had arrived at Bangkok. But at the time, it was less busy with fewer people waiting for taxis.


When you arrive in Bangkok, head to the departures on Level 4 of Suvarnabhumi Airport to get your Grab. It’ll most likely be less busy than at the arrivals terminal!

Then, to book the Grab from Suvarnabhumi Airport… there are different types of Grab transport options. And, these include a Grab Car, Grab Taxi, Grab SUV or Grab Bike, for example. So, the big difference with the Grab Taxi versus other Grab options is… the fare can vary.

That’s why when looking at the app, it will show an estimate with a fare range. Yet, with the other options the fare is fixed on the app. But, please be aware that the fare does NOT include tolls, for example.

So, we didn’t realize this until after we had completed a Grab ride in Bangkok… and the fare was much more than we were expecting.

Yet, after contacting the Grab customer service… they were explaining that other tolls and fees are not included in the quoted fare when booking.


If you want to avoid paying extra fees like tolls, communicate to the driver that you want to avoid toll roads. So, the trick with this is making sure that the Grab driver will understand this in his or her language. Thus, ask someone at the airport, or have something like Google translate handy.

So, we chose the Grab Car option and at the time it cost us 342 Baht. And, this was to get the Grab from Suvarnabhumi Airport to our hotel, Prom Ratchada Residence & Spa.

So, the first Grab driver that took our booking, cancelled it within about 5 minutes of us waiting. Yes, we’ve had this experience several times!

But then, something we hadn’t seen before was this message from Grab…

Wow, if we were to wait longer than 10 minutes… we would get a 35 Baht discount on our next ride! So, maybe that’s why the driver cancelled on us, as he knew he wouldn’t be able to get there in time.

So, when a driver cancels, the Grab app automatically finds another driver. And, in a matter of seconds we had another driver coming to pick us up. So, the app was showing that he would be there in about 7 minutes.

And, as we were waiting for our Grab driver… he was sending us messages letting us know he would get there soon. Plus, he was confirming he’d be going to the Departures Level 4, and Gate 1. So, the great thing with the Grab app, is that it translates the message into our language.

Now, I’m not sure if it translates to various languages or just English. So, if you have experience with that area, let us know!

So, in less than 7 minutes our Grab driver did arrive… waiting outside Gate 1 as we requested.

Don’t Be Late!

Now, make sure you’re there within 10 minutes of the driver arriving. Otherwise you could pay fees!


A Good Decision This Time Round

Thus, on this occasion, our Grab from Suvarnabhumi Airport was a good choice. Plus, the driver was fast but safe, and it was in air conditioned comfort all the way to our hotel.

So you know… we left the airport around 4:30pm, and got to Prom Ratchada Residence & Spa in Din Daeng in about 40 minutes.

So, the traffic was pretty good for most of the journey to our hotel. And, while the price is more expensive than catching the Airport Rail Link… being in comfort and not having to haul our luggage around was fantastic!

So, when you get to Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport… what transport option do you usually take?

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