Here Is How To Get To Brno From Prague

When we were staying in Prague Czech Republic… we would be spending about 3 months here. So, while there are plenty of things to do in Prague… we did some research on day trips that we could do from this beautiful capital city.

While places like Cesky Krumlov would top the list for many tourists and even locals… when we did some digging around, we found a place that seemed to not get much attention. And, that town is Brno. 

Brno is actually the second biggest city in the Czech Republic. Yet, many people seem to overlook this town and think that it’s not worth visiting. 

While it may not have the mesmerising beauty of other towns in this country… we thought we’ll make a day trip to Brno, so we could decide for ourselves if it’s a place worth going to.

So, as we didn’t have a car of our own to get around the Czech Republic… we had to find out the different options for on how to get to Brno from Prague. 

Thus, in this We Drink Eat Travel blog… we run through some of the ways of getting to Brno from Prague, for our day trip.

Getting to Brno from Prague 

When we were staying in the Czech Republic… while we did a lot of walking, we did use the public transport too. And, we found that there are many different public transport options. Plus, they were easy to use and frequent.

So, when it came to looking at transport options from Brno to Prague… it didn’t surprise us that there were lots of different ways to get to Brno. And, the distance from Prague to Brno is about 205km. 

Now, some of those options that we could take include the train, bus, getting a taxi, hiring a car… through to rideshare apps, or booking a private car with your own driver.


Getting To Brno Using Car Services

Now, we did look into car services such as a taxi… rideshare or hiring a private driver for our day trip. While we thought that it would be more expensive than options… we made the decision to look into it anyway.

So, to give you an idea of costs for those type of transport services… to get a taxi may cost around 6,500 Koruna (about USD $257 / 265 Euros / GBP 230). And, while it may get to our destination quicker… for a longer trip it did concern us about getting a taxi to Brno, in case of scams.

Then, when we were researching rideshare services like Bolt and Uber… the fare could cost around 6,100 Koruna. Yet, there are many other factors that could make this more expensive… including the time of day we would get the service, how busy it was, or how much in demand the services were. 

So, again, while it could get us to Brno more quickly… it was that lack of certainty around how much it would cost. And, not knowing what that final fare would be, didn’t appeal to us.

Then, another option we had a look at was to book a car with a driver. There are many car companies is Prague offering this service for getting to Brno. Yet, even though it would be convenient and faster… this could cost around 250 Euros, depending on who you would book through.

So, after looking at all those car options… we had a look at other public transport options, which would include the trains and buses.

Taking the Train from Prague to Brno

We found that there were a few companies that could take us from Prague to Brno… and those companies would include the main Czech Operator, České dráhy. Plus, there was another company by the name of, RegioJet.

And, we found that with these train companies it would about 3 hours getting to Brno from Prague. 

Yet, if you’re wanting to do a day trip from Prague, then we believe the earlier the better… so you can fit more in. You never know what you’ll discover when you’re there.

For us, using the train service may not have been the best option. And, that’s because the first departure time from Prague was around 8am. Plus, getting into Brno would take 3 hours or thereabouts.

Even so, for a one-way adult ticket the price is cheaper… in comparison to the other alternatives we have already gone through. So, by taking the RegioJet train… prices for a one-way trip start from around 11 Euros (about USD $10.70 / Koruna 270 / GBP 9.60).

And, if we were to use the services of České dráhy, the price starts from around 400 Koruna… (about USD $15.90 / Euros 16.30 / GBP 14.20). So, slightly more expensive than RegioJet.

Now, while this all was sounding positive, we thought we should look at the bus options… just in case there were some more attractive options.


Taking the Bus from Prague to Brno

There are 2 main bus operators that we had a look at to choose from… which was RegioJet and Flixbus.

When we were looking at Flixbus, one of the positives we immediately saw… was that they had many options starting from very early in the morning. 

And, while there were bus services with Regiojet, they would only leave every hour or so. Thus, it was convenient having a lot more options to choose from with Flixbus.

And, when comparing the the bus services to Brno, it would take around 2 hours 30 minutes… versus the train, which would take about 3 hours. A half hour of extra sight-seeing can make all the difference… especially when it’s a day trip!

So, the base fare can cost around 8 Euros and up with Flixbus… which you’d have to agree is cheap.

Yet, if you want to reserve a seat this would be an extra cost. Thus, all up a one-way adult ticket could cost around Euros 11 (about 270 Koruna / USD $10.70 / GBP 9.60). Even with the add-ons, the price is still inexpensive!

So, after looking at options with Flixbus, we had a look at the offerings with RegioJet.

RegioJet had buses that would leave Prague from 7am, then getting into Brno around 9:30am. And, to reserve a seat it didn’t cost any extra. 

Plus, they would offer other services such as a free Smart Guide on Brno… as well as complimentary cancellation 15 minutes before your departure.

So, the RegioJet bus would cost around 11 Euros (about 270 Koruna / USD $10.70 / GBP 9.60). Thus, similar to using Flixbus. 


As there are different departure points in Prague to get to Brno… we recommend you triple check where the buses leave BEFORE you make your booking. As they could leave from the Prague Main Railway Station or UAN Florence, for example.

If you travel using one of the double decker buses, if you’re tall, say over 6 foot… you may want to book a seat on the lower level. And, that’s because you may be hitting your head on the roof of the bus… especially when they go over the bumps in the road!

While most of the buses arrive and leave at the Brno Hotel Grand stop… a few do leave at a different stop in Brno. So make sure you double check your tickets before and after booking.

Which Option Did We Choose For Getting To Brno?

There were various options using the services of a car via taxi, rideshare… or hiring a car with a private driver, for example. And, even though they could get us to Brno quicker, we didn’t want to pay the price of a few hundred Euros or so. Especially as it was only going to be a day trip. 

Plus, with a couple of those options… not knowing that exact final fare was a little concerning for a longer trip.

And, while we prefer taking trains over buses… there weren’t ideal departure time options for us. As we do like to make the most of our day trips.

We thought that taking the train from Prague to Brno would be quicker… and cheaper than if we were to take a bus. Yet, as we had a look into it… it was surprising to find out that it wasn’t. 

So, in the end we made the decision to choose one of the bus companies. And, after researching the various options with Flixbus and RegioJet… our choice for getting to Brno Krumlov from Prague, was via Flixbus.

It had more options in terms of times, and was flexible if our plans were to change

All in all, we had an awesome day trip to Brno. Plus, in our opinion the bus was a great option for getting there from Prague… cheap, comfy and flexible if our plans were to change.

So, we trust that this was helpful… for when you’re thinking about how to get to Brno from Prague.

Which form of transport did you end up taking to get to Brno from Prague? And, what were the major factors in why you chose that option?

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