One Of The Amazing Places To Visit In Cesky Krumlov

When we went on our day trip from Prague to Cesky Krumlov… we had a great time exploring another city in the Czech Republic. We found that this UNESCO Heritage Listed town is charming and picturesque.

There are so many things to do, from visiting the ancient Cesky Krumlov Castle… through to admiring the quaint homes and stores in Latran. 

Yet, one of the places to visit in Cesky Krumlov… involves you taking a hike out of the town centre. And, when you reach the summit, you can witness different and beautiful views. The place that we’re referring to is the Mountain of the Cross (Křížová Hora).

So, let us share with you how we got there, what we did… and give you a sneak peak into the views you can get over Cesky Krumlov.

Let’s get into it now!

How To Get To Křížová Hora (Mountain of the Cross)

The Mountain of the Cross is south of the town centre of Cesky Krumlov. And, there are a few different routes that can be taken to get there… depending on which part of town you’ll be departing from. Yet, in this section we’ll run through the route that we took.

Now, before we even set foot on our hike… to start off with, we got a feed and some beers in a medieval cave restaurant. The name of this restaurant was Krčma Šatlava, which was on 157 Šatlavská Street. This was a great start to get our energy levels up, while dining in a unique environment.

So, after our bellies were full, we took a scenic route… wandering down the streets of Horní, then via Kaplická. We then made our way down the cobblestone Rooseveltova Street, to see more of the colorful buildings in Cesky Krumlov…

Then, at the end of Rooseveltova Street was an intersection with some traffic lights. So, here we were on the corner of  Křížová Street and the main road of Objížďková. Then, from here it was a little confusing for us about which way to go… as there were several little streets we could go down.

In the end, we spoke to a local who could speak a tiny amount of English… and she was pointing in the direction of Přídolská Street. We took a wander down this road, through the local neighbourhood.


And, towards the back of this street, you’ll see the start of the hike up the mountain that looks like this…

So, this marker is the first of several Stations of the Cross… where an historic pilgrimage trail dating back to the mid 1700’s begins.

As we were walking up the gentle incline of the mountain… surrounding the path was lush green grass that was overgrown! Yet, as we got closer we could see a glimpse of the Chapel atop of Křížová Hora.

At The Top Of Křížová Hora

When we got to the top of the Mountain of the Cross, there was no-one else there except us. While one of the landmarks here is the Chapel… one of the main reasons for us to hike up this mountain was to see a different view of Cesky Krumlov. 

It was a magnificent sight with the backdrop of the mountain landscape… in combination with the green fields and forests “hugging” the UNESCO town of Cesky Krumlov.

And, behind this breathtaking view is The Chapel of Our Lady of Sorrows and the Holy Cross. The chapel was built in the early 1700’s with the addition of an 8 nave archway.

On the outside of the chapel… one of the more striking features are 3 large crosses that sit at the front of the main entrance.

And, here’s a view from inside the chapel looking out onto the town of Cesky Krumlov…

Inside it showcases a Baroque style design with an altar… several paintings and ornaments. Also, when you walk around there are sculptures and other artefacts too.

For us it was one of the simpler hikes that we’ve done on our travels. From our starting point in the town centre… it took us about 30 minutes to get to the Chapel of Our Lady of Sorrows.

So, while there are many things to do… one of the places to visit in Cesky Krumlov is Křížová Hora. Take a hike out of the town centre… to witness wonderful views of Cesky Krumlov and beyond, in a peaceful environment.

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