3 Cool Da Nang Bars To Chill Out And Have Cheap Drinks!

Having been to Da Nang Vietnam several times now, it’s obvious that we like it.

And we prefer the Da Nang beach side rather than the city side… because for us, it seems to have a different atmosphere. Which you may think is strange, considering it’s only about 10 minutes drive away!

Yet, maybe it’s the laid backness of being near a beach, combined with the sea breezes. Plus, the Da Nang nightlife is pretty cool here too… which leads me onto this blog post.

There are 3 cool Da Nang bars that Paul and I like, where we can hang out and chill out. Plus, they have cheap drinks too… all day, every day! These bars are in the area called My An, where there’s a lot of expats around.

So let’s dive into these 3 Da Nang bars…

#1 Crazy Cat’s Bar

Crazy Cats has been around for a while, and can get crazy especially when live bands play!

We’ve had some great sing-alongs at Crazy Cats… And sometimes we probably sound like cats being strangled when we sing! LOL!

Local beers start from 25,000 VND (about USD $1.10). And they have drink happy hours between 10am and 7pm… which is buy 2 get 1 free on local beers only.

There’s also an upstairs area but be careful going up and down… as the steps are small, even for me with smaller feet.

Yet, unfortunately they seem to have taken away most of the fans, which is a bit of a let down. But, have a beer or two to cool down!

There’s plenty of seating to wind down and relax, even some across the road. And it’s all under cover.

And if you’re up for a game of pool, next door they have a separate room with a big billiards table.

So you can find Crazy Cat’s Bar on street An Thoung 6, number 12, in the My An area of Da Nang.

# 2 The Trip Rasta Jungle Bar

If you’ve ever been to or heard about the bar, Minsk, which is now closed… Minsk was an “institution” so it was sad to see it shut down.

Yet, you’ll think that it’s been re-incarnated into this cool Da Nang bar called, The Trip…

And you just have to look at the paraphernalia and see that it’s a bar like no other!

Yes, there’s even a bus at this cool Da Nang Bar!

Plus, the ground is covered with sand. So wear appropriate footwear if you’re worried about getting sandy feet.

The owner is super laid back as is the staff. When you want a drink like a cold beer, simply grab it from the fridge yourself… and pay at the counter.

Local beers start from 20,000 VND (about USD $0.90). There are plenty of seats to choose from as well as a swing chair if you want!

There’s an upstairs area too… and if you want a place with air conditioning or lots of fans, this ain’t it. But you can get free, fresh breezes from the sea.

And if you’re wanting some action to get the bones moving… there’s a foosball gaming table.

Also, they don’t have wifi, as their philosophy is people should talk to one another!

You can find The Trip on the corner of My Da Dong 1o and 66 Phan Tu streets, in My An.

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# 3 Simple Man Bar

The third and final Da Nang bar I’ll go through is Simple Man. Simple Man has 2 venues… one in Da Nang city and the other in My An.

So the description and pics here are of Simple Man 2 in My An.

This place has a range of seating to suit solos, couples and groups… with tables on one side of the bar that can be joined together.

But our preferred spot is in front on the couches or long seat with cushions… where we can people watch, and see some of the crazy traffic moves that go on!

Local beers start from 20,000 VND. But they can’t promise that the beers will be super cold as they nestle the bottles in ice. Yet, from our experience most of the time they’re cold.

And there’s music playing in the background… but not too loud so you can have conversations and hear each other.

Plus, there’s also a pool table and foosball table to get your skills in action.

You can find Simple Man 2 on the corner of An Thoung 5 and Ngo Thi Sy streets, in My An.

The great thing about these 3 cool Da Nang bars… they’re all within comfortable walking distance from each other. So it’s easy to check them all out in the one outing.

Plus, if you’re budget conscious the prices on drinks are relatively cheap.

So head on over to these bars for some bevvies and to chill out near Da Nang beach.

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