Check Out These Amazing Churches In Prague Czech Republic

When you stroll around the streets of Prague … you’ll notice that there are so many buildings with incredible architecture.

And, when it comes to churches or places of worship, there are heaps in this capital city. Plus, when you go beyond the Old Town centre of Prague… you’ll discover even more.

So, in this We Drink Eat Travel blog… we’ll highlight some of the most different and amazing churches in Prague, Czech Republic. 

Now, let’s start with one of the most popular churches in Prague…

St Vitus Cathedral

Saint Vitus Cathedral is within the grounds of Prague Castle. And, the history of where St Vitus Cathedral is built on, goes back to the early 900’s… where a Romanesque-style Rotunda was built. 

Over hundreds of years, different builders would construct new churches at that site. Yet, due to the Hussite Wars… the completion of this church was at a standstill in the early 1400’s. And, it wasn’t until the 19th Century where works would re-start to finish off the original church… as well as complete it with the Neo-Gothic style that you see today.

Now, in complete contrast to St Vitus Cathedral, yet still within Prague Castle is this…

St George’s Basilica and Monastery

While St George’s Basilica may not look at grand as St Vitus Cathedral… it is one of the oldest surviving churches within Prague Castle.

And, one of the most striking features is the radiant deep red color. This Romanesque-style building was founded in the late 900’s… with major reconstructions made in the 1100’s and 1600’s.

Within the church are also tombs and shrines, of which one of the most well-known is for… St Ludmila, who was the first saint and martyr for Bohemia. Nowadays, there are art exhibitions that are held here.

Now, if you’re strolling along Charles Bridge, then you’ll see this at the Old Town end…

St Francis of Assisi Church

One of the most notable features of this church is the huge green dome… which stands out when looking at it from afar and high above. 

Yet, back in the mid-1200’s, a Gothic-style church was built here. Much of it remains within the St Francis of Assisi Church structure. And, nowadays, many concerts are held within the church… with the second oldest church organ in Prague, built in 1702.


Church of Our Lady Before Tyn

When you’re at the Prague Old Town Square, you can’t miss this church as it’s so striking. This Gothic-style church is impressive, dominating the Square with its 2 tall towers… and spires reaching a height of around 80 metres. 

So, earlier we said that St Francis of Assisi had the second oldest church organ. Well, the Church of Our Lady has the oldest church organ in Prague… dating back to the 1670’s.

Now, at the opposite side of the Old Town Square is this…

St Nicholas Church Old Town

As you can see it’s architectural style is completely different to Our Lady Cathedral. Yet, this Baroque-style church was built in the 1700’s… replacing a parish church that was there in the 1200’s.

Nowadays, St Nicholas Church hosts many classical concerts and operas. And, speaking of parish churches, have a look at the pic of this one…

St Procopius Church

This is a beautifully captured shot of the St Procopius Church by Paul. What do you think? Back in the late 1800’s there was a dance hall here. Yet, in the early 1900’s that would be replaced by St Procopius Church.

You can find this outside of the city centre of Prague, in the bustling suburb of Zizkov. 

Now, one of the churches in Prague that’s popular as a pilgrimage site, is this one…

Loreto Prague

The Loreto has been a popular pilgrimage place since the 1620’s. 

This impressive complex consists of a Baroque-style Church, Monastery, Holy Hut and Clock Tower. Plus, there are many rare artefacts that are held within the complex. And, one of these treasures is the “Prague Sun,” which is adorned with 6,222 diamonds.

While you’ve seen many lavish and grandiose churches in Prague… there are some quaint ones that deserve mention. And, one of these is…

Chapel of Our Lady Šancovská

When you head to Vyšehrad, you’ll want to spend some time here looking around. There are far less tourists here, yet it is a lovely place to visit if you have time. And, one of the quaint churches here is the Chapel of Our Lady Šancovská.

It was originally built in the mid 1700’s as a pilgrimage site… where people would come for healing.

Also, within the Vyšehrad complex is this magnificent church…

Saints Peter and Paul Basilica

When you’re strolling around the city centre of Prague, especially when crossing the bridges… you’ll definitely notice this church standing out. It has two prominent towers reaching a height of about 58 metres. 

Saints Peter and Paul Basilica with its Baroque-style architecture… was originally founded in the 11th Century. Over time it was rebuilt with a Renaissance-style architecture. Then, in the late 1800’s its reconstruction was in the Neo-Gothic style that you see today.

Church of St Ignatius 

If you’re in the New Town area of Prague, there’s the massive Karlovo Square with parkland. In between these 2 park areas is the Church of St Ignatius. This church built with an early Baroque-style architecture, which has a defining feature.

And, atop of the centre of the church is a statue of Saint Ignatius, founder of the Jesuits. Plus, what makes it stand out is the golden light surrounding him… of which this was a contentious topic.

Now, you may have heard of the phrase, “Don’t judge a book by its cover.” And, if you want to discover one of the surprising and amazing churches in Prague, then go here…

Church of Our Lady of the Snows

This church and the monastery dates back to the mid-1300’s. And, in comparison to the other churches you’ve learnt about today… this one from the outside entrance looks the most plain. Yet, it does has plenty of intricate detail and furnishings when you look inside. 

Plus, make sure you go around the perimeter of this church. And, the reason why we say that is because there’s a beer garden! Yep, you read that correctly… a beer garden in the grounds of a church.

Church of Saint Ludmila

When you venture out to the Vinohrady district of Prague… one of the most prominent landmarks is the Church of St Ludmila, in the square of Náměstí Míru. This Neo-Gothic style church was built in the late 1800’s… with two towers on either side, reaching a height of about 60 metres.

It looks particularly impressive around Summer and Spring time… when the grass is lush, green, and beautiful flowers surround the church.

St Wenceslas Cathedral

If you venture out to the district of Smíchov… you’ll discover that there are many things to do here. This was one of the faster developing suburbs in Prague. And, while there was the small parish church of Saints Philip and James in the neighbourhood… it couldn’t cater for the growing number of people. 

So, in the late 1800’s under the design of Antonín Barviti… St Wenceslas Cathedral was to be built. It took about 4 years to complete this remarkable Neo-Renaissance style church, which would hold around 2,000 people. 

Church of St Nicholas

For an impressive church in the popular district of Mala Strana… head on over to the Church of St Nicholas. It’s said that the construction of this church took about 100 years… starting in the mid-1600’s. Now, that’s a lot of hard work, patience and money! 

All that effort was worth it though. The amazing Baroque architecture and detail, make this church a popular site for visitors and locals alike. 

And, when looking at it from afar, close up or from high above… one of the most prominent features is the dome, of which the diameter is about 20 metres. Plus, the height from inside the church through to the top of the lantern is around 57 metres… thus, making it the tallest interior in Prague. 

Now, last but not least is a place of worship, which we thought deserves special mention…

Jerusalem Synagogue

When we were walking from the Prague Main Station, towards the Old Town… we went down Jeruzalémská Street and saw this…

This is the most modern and youngest of all the Jewish synagogues in Prague, built in the early 1900’s. Since then it has undergone some reconstructions. Yet, it still retains the Art Nouveau style from the Viennese architect, Wilhelm Stiassny. 

It is incredibly striking, with so much detail… along with the eye-catching bright and beautiful colors.

So, even though we’ve highlighted several of the amazing churches in Prague Czech Republic… you’ll discover that there are so many more as you explore. Of course, during service times it will be busy. Thus, making it difficult to get photos, if you don’t want many people in them.

And, while we were seeing the different churches… some of them weren’t open when we got there. Yet, for the ones we could go into and see, many of them were so impressive. The level of detail is incredible. Plus, you can see that a lot of money has gone into building the churches… and, with many having real gold as part of the materials.

So, make sure you plan the timing of your visits well… especially if you want to see the interior of the churches. And, if you need help on where else to go, CLICK HERE.

Yet, we’re sure that you’ll be gob-smacked, when you go and see the many amazing churches in Prague. 

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